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Bonfire in Sand

Healing Circles

Circles are the mother of methodologies based on the campfires of our ancestors gathered around to build tribe. 

-The Circle Way

Collective CARE

We aren't meant to endure hardships alone. Self-care is important, but Collective Care is what’s needed now.

Pat is part of Healing Circles Healthcare, a community of nurses and healthcare professionals dedicated to healing themselves, healthcare, and our world.

What healing circles ARE

Healing circles are an intentional practice that transform peer-to-peer support, guided by a unique set of agreements that generate trust, hope, and resilience.

We believe in the power of healing circles, the power of deep community through mindfulness, reflection, and presence.

Join a Circle

Pat participates in three healing circles groups.

Healing Circles Global

Explore the vast number of healing circles

available by topic, dates and times.

Healing Circles Healthcare

Supporting Healthcare 5: Caring for professionals

Every Monday, 4:00PM to 5:00PM PDT
Register here:  Healing Circles Global for Healthcare 

There are a variety of dates and times for healthcare professionals

Death & Dying Healing Circles - Passages

Check out the dates and times for circles that address navigating life passages.

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