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Doulas are an Ancient Role

As long as we've been living, we've

been dying.

In death, we can honor a person's life and humanize their dying. 


As a death doula, I help people create life closure and

their own unique plan for their death.

Hand Embrace

Doula Services

For a personal, natural, and sacred

path at end of life.

Death and dying are natural life experiences.

What exactly IS an
end of life doula?

Today, the determinants of how one dies is more about medical choices, and less about personal choices. 


This tender event is complicated by personal fears and denial, and by the over-medicalization of death and dying in the healthcare system.  

That’s NOT the way it used to be.

Most of us know of the birth doula movement, which took root in the late 1960s.  The End-of-Life (EOL) Doula is a 21st Century development.

Palliative and Hospice care are EOL specialties that focus on medical treatments, symptom management, EOL wishes and balancing quality of life while providing nursing care, and social and spiritual support.


But hospice cannot do it all.

The doula fills the gaps between medicine, hospice and personal needs during this tenuous time.  The doula focuses not just on the decline of the body, but on the emotional, mental, social, spiritual and practical aspects of dying. The doula involves loved ones and selected resources - vigils, ceremonies, wakes, after death care, that provide comfort and peace for all present. Cleveland Clinic, known for pioneering many medical breakthroughs, further discusses the impact the role an End-of-Life Doula can have in being your advocate and in navigating your journey.

Restoring death to its natural and sacred place in life is one of the greatest gifts we can give to those we love and who love us.​

End-of-Life Doula


By the hour

Who it's for:

For those who want validation of current decisions and want added advice.

What's Included:

  • One or more meetings to review current situation, assess the person involved and confirm and advise.


  • Available in-person in Greater San Diego and Temecula area.

  • Available on Zoom from anywhere.

Fees are not covered by insurance and are based on a sliding scale.

When we needed it the most Pat was there for us. Her care and respect for my father's life and our family coupled with her expansive knowledge of how to move forward, felt like a beacon of wisdom and loving support for all of us.


It's because of Pat that I was able to honor my dad in the way he transitioned.

- H. C.

Thank you doesn't seem adequate to express my gratitude for our time together. You're not only a great listener, but your coaching also really gave me actionable things to address.

I highly recommend your consulting and coaching!

- S. P.

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